Atco 17″ Self Propelled Cylinder Petrol Lawnmower

Atco Lawnmower. It s a 17 inch blade model, although I do not know the exact model. The good bits, The engine works fine, starts quite easily with the manual cord. The blades turn The self propelling mechanism pulls the Lawnmower along. The brake and clutch operate. The bad bits, I think the carburettor needs adjusting as it looses power as you try to cut and propel at the same time. It s a bit tatty and the grass box has hit walls, rocks a few times and is a bit dented at the front. The air filter is held on with wire. The petrol cap leaks when the tank is full. If you know what your doing, I m sure you can get this working in no time and have a great old Lawnmower. Cash on collection please and definitely buyer collects as it weighs a ton!

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