Atco Balmoral 17se Self-propelled Petrol Lawnmower With Keystart

This auction is for a: - Atco Balmoral 17SE Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower with Keystart The mower is used but in exellent working condition, with all accesories included. The Balmoral is undoubtedly one of the best petrol cylinder lawnmowers on the market today. This superbly built machine features a powerful 4-stroke engine and the revolutionary QX system. This Quick eXchange system allows you to not only remove the blade cassette for re-grinding or replacement purposes, but also to turn your lawnmower into a powered rake by substituting the standard 6-bladed cassette with the QX Lawn Scarifier cassette accessory. An optional extra on all Balmorals is a 10-bladed QX cutting cassette for more frequent cutting - ideal for croquet lawns, tennis courts or wherever a truly fine lawn finish is required. The combination of advanced lawnmower technology and a number of special features give the Balmoral an unbeatable cutting performance. For longer grass, you can attach the supplied side wheels which then elevate the mower to provide an effortless cut. The spring tine comb also lifts the grass prior to cutting to ensure an even cut, and a stainless steel front roller and heavy steel rear roller produce those beautiful, classic stripes that are the hallmark of an Atco lawn. Manoeuvrability on the 17 model is further enhanced by a split differential on the rear roller. The Balmoral is controlled by a three-way drive facility which allows the blades to be disengaged without stopping the engine, convenient for emptying the grass box and for powered manoeuvres around the garden. An added bonus when mowing in awkward corners or around trees, you can disengage the drive for manual control. Features such as foam-cushioned handles, a larger, more manageable throttle and micro-set cutting height adjuster are all designed to make mowing the lawn a positive pleasure. What’s included: - 1. Balmoral 17SE 2. Battery charger and batteries. 3. Standard six blade cassette for general mowing. 4. Ten blade cassette for fine cutting. 5. Auxiliary wheel set for very rough cutting. 6. Scarifier cassette.

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