Atco Commodore B17 Petrol Self-propelled Cylinder Lawn Mower

ATCO Commodore B17 (17 cut) petrol self-propelled lawn mower. This is a great mower. I inherited it from my father-in-law, who had a beautiful large flat rectangular lawn, for which this mower was absolutely perfect. I used it myself with reasonable success for several years, but as I have a rather poor, uneven lawn that is fairly small and of irregular shape, with a few trees in it, it was never really the right mower for me. There is a problem with the clutch linkage (the mechanism in the handle needs a spare part, which I believe is available) which means that the clutch slips, and also the starting became rather irratic - it would start fine at first, but was prone to stalling and then would not re-start until it had had a rest (!). A proper service would no doubt have solved these problems at the time, but instead it got pushed to the back of the shed, where it has remained for the past 6 or 7 years gathering cobwebs. I m fairly sure that it will, once again, be a brilliant mower if it is properly repaired and serviced (and I understand that most of the parts for this mower are available online), but I am selling it as not working as I don t have the time or the inclination to renovate it myself. This mower is capable of a real striped, bowling-green finish, so if that is what you are after, and you don t want to spend a fortune, then this could be the mower for you. You will, of course, have to collect it yourself - from IP6 8DT (that s Needham Market, in Suffolk - just down the road from Stowmarket, where the mower was made). I require cleared Paypal payment in advance of collection. I will NOT accept cash on collection.

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