Belt Rest Bearings X5 Contra Cut Decks Countax Westwood

EAST-LAWN on eBay Sales Contact: [email protected] The Independent Westwood and Countax Specialist. Product Description: Countax Westwood Tractor Replacement Part. 5 x Belt Rest Bearings for Contra Cut Decks. Models inc Early K-Series Countax, T1200, T1600 + Lasers. Years 1987 to 1990 Part Number: WE- 2445 CX- 10806700 These 5 little bearings sit in a row under the belt cover. They keep the two sides of the toothed belt apart as they cross over. When they are worn they get very noisy, seize up and trash the belt. It is a good idea to change these 5 bearings whenever the cover is off and especially if a new belt is being fitted. Photo 2 and 3 are of other parts I stock for these decks, please see my other listings. Bearing size is: 22 mm dia x 7 mm wid x 8 mm bore East-Lawn price £9.50 (for a set of 5) (Typical dealer price is £5.50 each) Payments: Payments can be made either by Paypal, Cheque, Postal Order or Cash on collection. Despatch Delivery: 1st Class UK postage £1.50 Air Mail EU postage £ 2.50 Air Mail Worldwide postage £3.10 ~FAST POSTING~ WE AIM TO PROVIDE A 5 STAR SERVICE EVERYTIME, IF FOR ANY REASON YOU FEEL WE HAVE NOT MET THIS STANDARD THEN PLEASE CONTACT US VIA EITHER EBAY MESSAGING OR OUR EMAIL: [email protected] WE WILL ALWAYS DO OUR BEST TO RESOLVE ANY ISSUE

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