Bosch Lawnmower Electrical Rotak 43 Lawn Mower Mow It Grass Bosch Bosh Ergoflex

Bosch Lawnmower Electrical Rotak 43 Lawn Mower Mow It Grass Bosch BOSH Ergoflex The description of this item has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  BOSCH ROTAK 43ELECTRIC LAWNMOWER FOR YOUR LAWN-GARDENThe easiest way and less tiring for a perfect lawn!Main features and advantages of the product:Cutting performance and exceptional collection of cut grass, hardened steel blade and the airflow from the innovative technologyPerfect finish: the new Powerdrive system «+» consistently high torque in every conditionExceptional ergonomics, thanks to handles «Ergoflex» certified AGR (wellness Initiative)Ergonomic grips for easy handlingThe engine with Powerdrive + system ensures a reliable even under difficult conditionsBagger from 50 liters, for a greater capacity and to minimize the disruption for emptyingThe new system with handle QuickClick , for a first assembly by the maximum simplicity and without the use of toolsMobility characteristics excellent, thanks to the sliding wheel loadersThe special comb cuts the grass perfectly to the edgeThe function LeafCollect does all the work in the collection of foliageROTAK 43 - UNE of the best robot ever made by BoschThe lawnmower Rotak 43 is an exceptional, ideal for large lawns. Extraordinarily powerful thanks to the «+» Powerdrive from < span class = notranslate > 1,800 watts, cut in a short time even longer grass, hardened steel blade and sharpened. The blades are equipped with technology «LeafCollect», which allows collection of autumn leaves from your lawn. The Rotak 43 is also extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver, thanks to «Ergoflex» designed for better posture. His system «QuickClick» allows you to assemble the accessories quickly and easily:For a perfect finishThe lawnmower Rotak 43 is part of the range of new Rotary lawnmower offered by Bosch, designed for a perfect finish and excellent results. The Rotak 43 performs the work quickly and efficiently, in a single pass. Equipped with the «+» Bosch Powerdrive, offers a perfect finish and long-lasting. The tool makes a clean cut thanks to tempered steel blades Moreover, its extended grass combs allow you to cut closer to the edges of walls and flower beds. The lawnmower Rotak collects up to 99% of cut, using advanced technology to airflow.Advanced technology «Ergoflex»The Bosch Rotak 43 Ergoflex adjusts the mower handles, allowing for greater ease of cutting and, at the same time, better posture, which reduces muscle fatigue. The tool has a lightweight structure and offers an integrated handle, which makes it easy to carry and maneuver, as well as the rapid installation system «QuickClick», that allows you to start work immediately. The Rotak also offers a centralized adjustment of cutting height adjust easily and quickly up to the final cut.Quality you can trustThe Rotak 43 features a «+» Powerdrive from < span class = notranslate > 1,800 watts and delivers a torque of 23 Nm, which prevents the jam in the grass thick and heavy. The tool has a Groove diameter 43 cm, is equipped with extensive grass reeds and offers also a collector from 50 litres. You can set 6 heights of 20 and 70 mm. The budget also includes an integrated handle for car

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