Countax D1850 Diesel Ride On Lawnmower 18hp 50 Inch Cut With Collector

This auction is for a used Countax D18/50 diesel ride on lawnmower. Included with the mower is a Countax 50 inch IBS deck and a Countax powered sweeper and collector with electric empty. Everything included in the auction cost over £6,700. This is the top of the range mower from Countax with a huge engine and loads of features which make mowing the lawn quick, simple and a pleasure. This mower has been well used and will have signs of wear and tear. The engine has just been serviced including new oil filter, oil changed, coolant changed, new fuel filter, new battery and the blades have been sharpened. Everything works fine on the mower and it starts and runs well. All the bearings are fine in the deck, the blades were new 6 months ago, the brushes in the sweeper are all fine and it had a new steering orbital for the power steering and a new electric clutch fitted last year. Countax were the first ride on lawnmowers to use powered grass collectors which made them unique as they were the only mowers on the market that could cut and collect the grass when it is wet. This feature gives them a distinct advantage over other mowers that simply cut and then hoover up the grass as they only work on dry grass. So this means you can cut in the rain or first thing in the morning. Also, it has a steel roller at the rear so that you can stripe your lawn. In addition, the powered grass collector can also just be used to sweep up debris (with the cutting deck switched off) which is ideal during the autumn and winter months for clearing leaves and litter etc. This means that you are buying a machine that can be used all year round rather than just during the summer and you can even buy a snow blade for it! This model has a huge 18HP Yanmar V-twin diesel engine which is without doubt the best there is for power and reliability (noiser than petrol but the fuel consumption makes up for it). This makes the mower even more versatile as it can be used as a tractor to tow trailers, sprayers or even push a snow blade/ménage leveller. There are a whole load of Countax attachments that will fit this model in addition to many other attachments offered by other companies. The D18/50 comes with Hydrostatic drive which is so simple to use anyone can start to use it straight away. The Hydrostatic drive is much simpler and smoother to use than gears and means you can increase or decrease the speed as you move along, rather than having to stop to change up or down gear. It also allows you to switch smoothly between forward and reverse by simply pressing the forward or backwards pedal with your foot which makes working in tight areas around flower beds or on banks easy and safe. Other features include Dial-a-height electric deck adjustment which allows you to raise and lower the cutting deck at a touch of a button and has 10 height settings. This feature is particularly useful if you need to go over some rough ground or perhaps up a step when you need to empty the grass collector to you can raise the deck in seconds and then set it back to where you want it. There is a digital display on the dash board to show the deck height position. Being the top of the range model it also has an electric grass collector lift which allows the grass collector to be raised or lowered at t

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