Countax Ibs K14 Ride On Lawn Mower (spares Or Repair)

countax k 14 mower with vanguard 14hp engine make good Donner machine at probably less than the price of a new beltThe steering killed it off . Dead center there is a a tooth worn or broken and the steering wheel just turns with out the wheels moving side to side . It was suggested that it could be built up with weld and ground down. But i think it has been stood in the nettles for two long now . Engine started with a shot a petrol down the carb sounded ok If i remember correctly it would only run on full power with the choke on a bit which is a sure sign of the carb jets want cleaning there is some oxidization on the aluminium engine casing , zoom in on picture 1 some bolts could be tight to get out. The solenoid has packed up with standing it may want a clean and the usual tap on the floor, or it may need a new one The deck electric clutch was working well ,before parked up . it may not be still the case, buyer beware, tires minimal cracking good tread and still hold air.There is a sweeper collector in the nettles somewhere will upload picture Electric is starter good. I am relaxed a bought any winning bidder changing there mind on full inspection ,having said that there s a lot of good parts and it could be done David 01978 855901 COLLECTION IN The peoples republic of Wrexham loader available. PS Dog battery and fork truck not included.

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