Countax K14 Ride On Lawn Mower Garden Tractor – Little Used – Surrey Collection

Countax K14 Ride On Lawn Mower Garden Tractor - Very Little Used - Collection from Surrey - RH7 First some history on this item. This item has been in the family since new. Bought at the South of England show in (I think) 1990 Used at my parents home until 1995 when it passed to me From 1990-1995 it was always kept in a garage and serviced once a year without fail I inherited it in 1995 but as my lawn is border line at 1/3rd of an acre it has hardly ever been used since 1995 Indeed I doubt I have ever bought more than 5 or 6 cans of petrol for it I found that my walk behind Honda was easier to use on a small lawn The only time I seemed to use it was to collect fallen leaves, which it is excellent at During my ownership it has ALWAYS been kept in a garage but because of the little use, I have only had it serviced twice, the last time was in 2009 (see photo) I decided to sell it this week and the photos have been taken in the last few days. You will see it is in very good condition - please don t let the age put you off this has hardly been used since 1995 14hp Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine She started up on the second turn and runs sweetly and smooth Tested and all seems to be working OK - except I can not get the headlights to work 5 speed and reverse gearbox - all working 36 (3 foot) counter rotating cutter deck All belts have been checked and are OK and do not need replacement Blades have been sharpened at the service Complete with powered sweeper/collector - all brushes in good condition Cutter deck received some welding at the last service but still lots of life left in it yet The existing battery needs replacing as it is now dud not having been used for so long However I will include a slave car battery which I used to start it with jump leads It takes an extra slim battery, which I think are about £65- from Halfords, or carry on using the jump leads and the free battery! The powered collector can be easily removed for storage and/or transportation Please don t confuse this with the usual clapped out, rusty old rubbish so often listed - remember this has NEVER been left out of a garage during it s entire life and has had oh so little use. COLLECTION ONLY: from South East Surrey RH7 near to Lingfield Payment via either PayPal or Cash on Collection Personal inspection welcome (not last minute please!) please contact me via eBay initially POLITE NOTE: There is NO Buy it Now price on this item - PLEASE don t ask - this auction will run the full term

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