Countax Ride On Mower

Bought it as a bit of a whim, a couple of years ago. For my little lawns, it is quite (very) much overkill. I took the deck off, blasted it, under painted, painted and sealed underneath. Not sure why I did that - was probably just bored. The drive and all the levers/sticks/knobs do what they re supposed to. 11.5 hp is a Briggs/Stratton. It has a grass flinger (don t know the posh word for it) and collector box on the back which can be temperamental, but is complete. It is driven by a big belt. The starter solenoid broke and stupidly I didn t just check eBay for a replacement. I just bypassed it with a bit of common sense and some decent wiring. It s functional, but I fear I won t win any awards for design. Had a new battery last summer and haven t really used it since then. It has solid tyres, so they never get punctured. It is usually kept in a shed, but very naughtily, I left it under a tarp in the garden two weeks ago, while in France. The rain has made the seat wet and now (right now) I have a wet ar5e. It mis fired a few times when starting and then went like a demon. These things are kind of tough little beggars. It goes fast in forward and slow in reverse. It goes Woooooo and Rrrrrrrr and when on tick over I can make it go put-put-put. I don t think it is a concourse vehicle, but it does cut grass. Can t compare it to another mower as this is the first I ve ever used. Feel free to come and cut my grass for me if you want to test it......or you could even turn up, gimme money, have a cup of tea and be on your way. I m open to ideas! Why don t you suggest an idea to me...and we might both be happy. :) Posted with eBay for iPad

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