Countax Rider 30 – Ride On Lane Mower

It s exactly what the description says it is! If you want a good lawn, this is the lawn mower for you... 30 cutting deck with the running wheels so it doesn t keep grounding out over any bumps. Powered Sweeper assembly so you can use it to pick up the leaves in the winter months. It also means when cutting grass that might still be damp, it will still work, unlike a side-chute type that will just clog up. It has the Briggs Stratton Powerbuilt 11.5hp engine that has just had the ring gear upgrade carried out. (In their wisdom B S thought it would be a good idea to fit a plastic ring gear and starter motor cog, which soon wear out. This has been replaced with the aluminium gear set. Starter motor now engages rather than wanging around in space!!!) Built in 1996, so comparatively speaking its a youngster. We have had it just over a year but it s too big for our garden to get around all the fiddley bits, so we are going for a big electric walk behind instead. They is a rake attachment made (not supplied) which goes on in place of the sweeper... It isn t battered or beaten, and has been looked after. (You wouldn t believe it s age to look at it.) Starts on the key, but I d have to be honest and say I m not too sure how long the battery has got left. If anyone wants a top grade cut, this is the machine for you. Now for the small print - It won t fit through a letter box, so collection only from Stockbury in Kent (part way between Maidstone Sittingbourne). Please remember you are bidding to buy, if you want to come and have a look, please get in touch. If you intend using a 3rd party carrier, please get in touch first (I ve been given the run-around with these in the past). Whatever happens, it needs to be gone 10 days after the end of auction. Cash on collection prefered, Paypal if you must, but cheques will have to be cleared before you can take it away. Advertsied elsewhere, so it may get pulled at any time. Thanks for looking.

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