Countax Westwood Ride On Mower Engine Powerbuilt 4145 14.5hp Briggs And Stratton

*Last one* New and unused Briggs and Stratton Powerbuilt 4 Series 145 500cc 14.5hp petrol powered 4 stroke engine. Direct replacement for I/C series engines as found in Countax, Westwood, Stiga mowers and many others Comes complete with:- Starter motor.Carburettor.Rectifier.Fuel shut off tap.1.4L Briggs and Stratton oil.Manual.1 drive shaft diameter ands 80mm in length. Engine will require an oil change after the first 5 hours of use. *Shipped as a dry engine, will require all 1.4L of supplied oil to be added to engine before tuning over* Collection in person is possible to save on shipping.

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