Hayter Harrier 41 Push Mower

Hayter Harrier 41 - Push Mower. 1998 Model. Working very nicely, just surplus to requirements. Although the this mower has some signs of age, some rust on the engine cover, and some flaking paint, it has actually done very little work for its age. You can t use the condition of wheels and grass box I am selling with the mower (pictured) as an indication of how much it has done they show a bit more wear than its originals, - I have pinched those for my Hayter 41 autodrive (which I am keeping), as they were better! I have just noticed that the throttle cable is fraying. Not a problem yet, but will need replacing soon (shown in last picture). You can see a video of the mower,(and more importantly listen to it running), on youtube. Just search for the video Sikidikis mower running . Please come and give it a test drive - I ve got lots of grass that you can try it out on! Cash on collection preferred.

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