Hayter Hunter 41 Push Mower

For spares or a fairly straightforward repair: Hayter Hunter, used for years until one of the back axle mounts on the undertray broke - as shown in photo 3. I was going to replace the tray once we d moved house, but we were given a Suffolk Punch when we arrived, so this project got put away. After a year, i have to admit that I m not going to fix it, so it s time for it to go. The engine was running fine I ve not fueled it, but it turns over freely so I think a bit of petrol is all it needs to run (although a change of oil would be a good idea). The broken undertray doesn t look fixable, but I was quoted £45 for the replacement part from a local garden machinery place. I dare say one of the sellers on eBay who break Hayters could source the part cheaper. Collection only please - but please email if you have some other plan.

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