Honda Hc24 Bowling Green Lawn Mower With Roller Seat Spares Repairs Good Engine

Honda HC24 Bowling Green Lawn Mower Recently purchased needing only brackets and few other bits but whilst using it this morning its lost the auto drive and proved just too much work for me with the other jobs it needs. From what I can see it needs the following grass bag bracket making up and attaching as it’s only resting on at present, throttle cable, clutch cable needed, engine cut off switch adding, auto drive has stopped working and just clicking, roller cover shield plate needs adding to direct cut grass forward. Smells of petrol, tank has seen better days but leaking from around the cap when being moved around from what I can see. The roller seat is missing a connecting pole so sits much closer than it should do and not secured in any way so not useable as is. On a positive note the engine seems to start very well and runs great on low and high rpm guess that’s the Honda bit If no interest I’ll break it up and sell it in bits but seems a shame, just want my money back Collection DE11 viewing welcome

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