Honda Hrd 535 Push Mower

In great condition 2005. April - serviced with new blade and throttle cable and clutch spring. June - gearbox fully reconditioned (as it seized up) through losing it s oil. Roller bearings as well. Been perfect since just a little slower driving. Selling this due to buying a new one whilst in for repair. Posted with eBay Mobile Additional information about Honda HRD 535 Push MowerProduct InformationThe Honda HRD 535 is a self-propelled mower, meaning that when the lawn mower is on and the drive is engaged, it will move forward under its own power as long as the drive handle is held down. With a self-propelled mower, the user does not have to push the mower but simply guides it instead. This type of Honda lawn mower is sometimes referred to as a self-driven lawn mower, and this type of mower is recommended for medium to large gardens. The Honda HRD 535 features a 21-inch (53 centimetres) blade, and it also has a rear roller, which creates a striped effect on the lawn being mowed. This type of Honda lawn mower is often equipped with a grass collection bag, which collects the grass clippings as the lawn is being mowed. Periodically the user will need to stop mowing in order to empty this bag. The Honda HRD 535 runs on petrol.Product IdentifiersBrandHondaModelHRD 535Key FeaturesEngine Power5 hpDimensionsCutting Width53.01 cm

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