Honda Hrx 476c Hve Self Propelled Petrol Rotary Lawnmower

I am selling this Honda petrol engine rotary lawnmower, with no reserve and a 99p starting price. I purchased it a couple of years ago off eBay and it has worked fine ever since, been used regularly and has started every time without problems. The guy I purchased it from claimed it was one year old. When I went to pick it up he mentioned that that one year had been in professional use! So the wheels are a bit smooth. The declaration of conformity is dated 2nd January 2006. As I said, it works great and has not given me any problems. I am selling now because I have just got divorced, am selling the house and downsizing. The new place I am moving to has a tiny lawn, so tiny it would take me twice as long to get the mower out as cut it. Also I ll have nowhere to store it, hence the need to sell it. Some technical comments on this mower Honda Mower - HRX 476 HXSelf propelled 4 wheeled Honda mower 19 width of cut Easy start Honda 5.5hp engine for power and reliability Hydrostatic drive for ease of use Roto-stop® blade clutch allows the mower to be left unattended with the engine running but the blade safely disengaged or driven with or without the blade running - so you can empty the grass bag while leaving the mower running. Very handy. 7 position central height adjustment lever 73 Litre fabric grassbag Polystrong® polypropylene cutter deck for added durability and life The vacuuming part of the mower also works great for picking up leaves! Something coming up soon! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. I do not want to set a buy-it-now price but prefer to let the auction run to completion. That way I know I have received the market price. Payment by PayPal but I would also be happy with a payment on collection, if preferred. As you can see from my recommendations I have been a member of ebay for a long while, buying and selling the odd things on ebay, including two cars along the way. To date I have always had happy suppliers and customers. I hope you will become one of my happy customers as well, so happy bidding and, with no reserv and a 99p starting price, I hope for you not too many people bid on it (and the opposite for me!)

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