Honda Hrx 537 21in Self Propelled 4 Wheeled Lawnmower

For Sale is a Honda Hrx 537 Self Proppelled LawnMower in full working order cost new £1175.00 It has hydrostatic drive, the HRX 537 HY delivers power and performance, allowing you to cut your lawn at your own pace. Also included with this lawnmower is the Versamow™ mulching system, giving you the option to mulch, bag, discharge or leaf-shred. Versamow System The Honda Versamow System has been designed to be a complete 4 in 1 mowing system delivering the ultimate in flexibility. It allows for maximum mowing performance and flexibility, affording the HRX user to select either the bagging or mulching configuration – or any combination of the two – by easily rotating the Versamow System’s clip director. The clip director is a lever located behind the engine cowling and allows the owner to: Mulch clippings Folding handle helps the HRX fit in tight spaces for convenient storage Bag 100 percent of clippings Rear discharge Simultaneously mulch and bag or rear discharge in varying degrees through 10 separate setting

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