Honda Izy Hrg 465 Petrol Push Mower

My trusty Honda Izy mower, a great successor to its predecessor Mountfield. Great cut, great capacity of grass collection, long and short grass, dry and damp. Now decided to become a temperamental bugger, start run for a bit, vary its revs and splutter into slumber. Repeat to the annoyance of its user (me in case of any doubt), repeat repeat etc. So, upshot is that I have neither the time nor the inclination to take it apart or to the local mower service agent who will no doubt sort it out for me at the cost just shy of a new one. So, I have a new one. This is where you (might..) come in. If you have the time, the inclination, the skills or just the desire for its bits and entrails, then it can be yours. Happy to take a sensible offer, or even one that isn t if you catch me in the right mood.Collection only as postage is probably not really a sensible option, but if you want to arrange collection by someone, who am I to object.Location is SO32 2QA

Categories: Push Petrol