Honda Petrol Push Lawnmower (for Repair)

Honda izy push lawnmower for sale. The model is HRG415C1 PDE. I bought the mower new on 28 August 1004. However, it has not been used since 2008 when the exhaust smoke was black and it cut out. I spent almost £100 on a service and when it returned it worked ok, then began cutting out and again black smoke. The service man looked at it again, said it was ok and it worked again for a while. I am not mechanical at all and as my wife always struggled with the pull start cord, I decided to buy an electric lawnmower instead and have used that since. I was loath to dispose of the mower but I did not want to throw more money at it, with no guarantee that it would work any better. It was a good motor mower but I ll stick to the easier to operate electric mower. One of the black knobs holding the handle together, disappeared so I have replaced it with a bolt. Available for collection.

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