(?) Jacobsen T-plex 185 Ride On Triple Cylinder Mower

Add To Favourite Shops | Sign Up For Shop Newsletter | New Arrivals | Visit Our eBay Shop Search titles descriptions Aerators Air Filters Bearings Belts Chippers/ Shredders/ Mulchers Cylinder Mowers Fuel Filters Gang Mowers Hydraulic Filters Oil Filters Parts By Manufacturer Ride On Mowers Rotary Blades Rotovators Servicing Sprayers Sweepers Tractor s Trailer s Other JACOBSEN T-PLEX 185 YEAR 2000 HOURS 1750 SPECIFICATIONS ENGINE SPECIFICATION TYPE: Kubota 15.5KW (20.9HP) @ 3600 RPM, 3 cylinder (in line) vertical Diesel engine, 4 stroke, water cooled, 719cc (43.88 cu.in) with 12V electric start. Model: D722-E Maximum Speed: 3400 RPM (No load) Idle Speed: 1600 RPM (No load) Oil Sump Capacity: 3.2 litres (5.6 Imp.pints) (6.7 US pints) Firing Order: 1, 2, 3. Fuel: Diesel MACHINE SPECIFICATION Frame construction: Main chassis of formed steel bolted construction, front axle and mounting points for units bolted to chassis. Transmission: Direct coupled variable displacement pump, front wheel motors 190 cc and rear wheel motor 190cc with selectable three wheel drive. Cutting unit drive: Fixed displacement direct coupled pump, fixed displacement unit drive motors direct coupled to unit operated by forward, neutral, reverse valve Speeds: Cutting: 8 km/h (5 mph) Transport: 13 km/h (8 mph) Reverse: 6.5 km/h (4 mph) Steering: Hydrostatic power steering on rear wheel. Tyres: Front - 20 x 10.0 - 8 4ply turf tread Rear - 20 x 10.0 - 8 4ply turf tread Pressures: All tyres 1.0 kg/cm2 (14 p.s.i.) Ground pressure: 0.84 kg/cm2 (12 p.s.i.) Brakes: Hydrostatic braking with mechanical type disc parking brakes, on front wheels Cooling System 4.26 litres (7.5 Imp.pints) (9 US pints) Capacity: Fuel Tank Capacity: 27 litres (6 Imp. gal.) (7.2 US gal.) Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 27 litres (6 Imp. gal.) (7.2 US gal.) Battery: 12 volt 43 amp/hr type 085 DIMENSIONS Width of cut: 1.80 meters (71in) Overall width: 2.05 meters (81in) Overall width: (transport) 1.65 meters (65 in) Overall height: 1.22 meters (48 in) Overall length with catchers: 2.54 meters (100in) Overall length without catchers:2.34 meters (92in) Wheelbase: 1.31 meters (51.6in) Uncut turning circle: 1.00 meters (39.4in) Overall weight of machine: 890kg (1962lb) Any Questions Contact George On: 07977 100 991 Delivery Can Be Arranged Contact For Details VAT Included In The Price

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