John Deere F530,ride On Mower,like Stiga,out Front Mower.

john deere f530 ...hi sorry for the relisting but was getting loads of questions and didnt have the time to answer so thought id relist with more details.15.5 hp briggs and stratton engine.(petrol).hydrostatic drive on 1 pedal, toe and it goes forward heel and it goes backwards.44 inch deck ,twin bladed,with NEW drive belt.rear wheel control...good battery.small nick in seat.This is a very nice mower with large cutting deck ,mulches the cuttings back into grass which then feeds your lawn.its very easy to use ,and anyone can jump on and start cutting straight away.the out front deck makes it easy to cut close to obstacles and under over hanging bushes ect. the hydrostatic gearbox means your in control all the time ,no gears just press the pedal forward and you will go forward ,the more you press the faster you will go, same in reverse heel the pedal and you will go backwards.this machine as cruise control so just press the pedal to your preferred speed and press button and you can take your foot of pedal and machine will keep this speed until your ready so slow down or speed up just press pedal again to stop the cruise control.the f530 bends in the middle to make it easy driving around trees,ect.This is a 2004/5 machine with only 390 hours use.the deck as been sand blasted to get all the flacking paint off and repainted in john deere yellow.looks great.these are a very rare machine infact the only one i have seen .( same as the stiga park pro).all parts can be sourced from your local john deere ive just bought a new deck drive belt ,came within 2 days. any questions hope not cash on collection within 7 days. find 1 better... advertised else where ..

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