John Deere Ride On Mower

I bought this John Deere a while ago and found it too big to do my lawn so I checked it out and it runs quite well. It has a pull start and the seat has a cut out switch on it so that getting up cuts the engine. the cutting deck has some rust holes in but is strong and works well. The blade has been sharpened. It has several gears and the top speed is surprisingly fast. Deck can be lowered to convenient cutting height. The wheels and tyres are all sound and have been checked by a garage to hold air with no problem although some signs of tyre perishing.The grass gathering cover is present but no bags or channelling. Because I couldn t find the brake linkage it is inoperative but in my mind is not needed as when drive is disengaged the mower stops moving.Because of this I think it only fair to sell as Spares or Repair. This is reflected in the starting price. Forgot to mention the seat, as you can see, is split and cracked. It also has a ball tow point.I am putting a video link on to show it working on a wet day with wet grass. The sound is broken, unlike the engine which is fine and strong. Taken 12th of this month. up and pay would be best and delivery is a possibility if not too far. (at cost)

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