Mountfield 1530m Ride On Lawn Mower Grass Tractor Free Delivery Available

For the first time ever, a lawn tractor with an 84 centimetre cutting width features twin blades, a radical inclusion offering an even smoother, more efficient cut for large lawns and competition beating performance all round at a highly affordable price. Designed with fresh, smooth lines and an easy step through shape for problem free mounting and dismounting, the Mountfield 1530M Lawn Tractor delivers true innovation and value for money with its cleverly designed, non-overlapping cutting system, non-timed to avoid serious damage if an obstacle is encountered but still producing a smooth and even cut every time and delivering unrivalled collection in dry or wet conditions. The cutting deck also provides plenty of mowing versatility with a seven-position cutting height adjustment ranging from a precise 25mm for a very smart, clean finish to 80mm for longer and rougher grass. The airflow created by the blades contributes greatly to the grass collection, unrivalled in a machine in this price range. Another great feature, rarely found on tractors in this class, is the grass collector full indicator. When the collector is full an audio alarm – a loud beeper – alerts the driver so no having to continually turn around to check the level. The engine powering this revolutionary lawn tractor is a very powerful Mountfield series 7750, running very reliably, smoothly and quietly and putting out 8.4kW at 2800rpm with a large capacity of 452cc. This engine has several standout features compared to many engines in this category. The oil is pumped, not splashed around the chamber, for more even lubrication of engine parts and a longer engine life. The piston moves in a cast-iron liner and the engine is held in ball bearings in an oil bath. All these features mean a much longer engine life and quieter performance, while the crankshaft is carefully balanced and calibrated to produce low vibration. There is a six-speed manual gearbox on board with five forward gears and one reverse to offer maximum flexibility with speed control and manoeuvring. The fuel tank capacity is six litres, meaning less time spent filling up and more time spent in the driving seat Detail is all when it comes to comfort and every control on the Mountfield 1530M is designed to be comfortable, simple to use and to be within easy reach of the operator. Like the height of cut adjustment handle to the left of the operator, moulded to fit the hand, optimised to require less effort and at exactly the right angle for maximum lift without strain. Like the telescopic grass box emptying lever, again positioned in exactly the right place to avoid undue strain while reaching back. Like the soft grip-textured mounting plates/foot rests, angled for the most comfortable driving position. Then there is the comfortable, padded and supportive high-backed seat, mounted on suspension springs, which is fully adjustable, enabling you to sit in the optimum position for comfort and convenience, and the steering wheel, which is ergonomically positioned and moulded for extra grip. The deck is engaged electronically to save time and effort and the grass collector holds an unusually generous 240 litres - a massive capacity for a tractor this size - and for added convenience and time saving it can be emptied

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