Mountfield 1640 H Ride On Mower

This listing is for a Mountfield 1640H ride on lawn mower. It is approximately 10 years old and we have owned it from new. Clearly after 10 years of work it is not in mint condition, but it was in good working order, but . However, we went to use it recently and were unable to start it. After a great deal of messing about we eventually got it to fire but it would not run and emitted great clouds of black smoke. Curiously there were no awful noises from the engine, but our conclusion is that the engine is unserviceable and beyond economical repair. So the mower is for sale for spares or repair. I would recommend viewing. If I remember correctly the 16 in 1640H stands for 16HP (it s a Briggs Stratton engine), the 40 is the cutting width (40 ) and the H is for Hydrostatic (i.e it is effectively automatic - press and go). Apologies for the poor pictures. If you have any questions please ask. This item is collection only. Please note - in response to a number of enquiries - there is no buy it now price. I shall let the auction run it s course.

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