Qualcast Classic Petrol 35s Push Reel

I have a garden wall I have to mow along so there are a few scuffs on the mower but don t let it put you off. It s in great working order and starts 1st time every time. I had it serviced last year but have a tiny garden to mow so I usually service it every other year. It s been looked after and I ll miss it. I have an allotment and need a rotary mower and just can t justify the space they take up in my garage so I ve decided to let this one go :-( My wife s getting fed-up with the limited space in the garage! I have the scarifier cassette for it which I use once a year. It works brilliantly and I ll miss it. I m selling this separately so let me know if you are interested. If you have any questions please ask and I ll answer them as best I can.

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