Qualcast Elan 32: Electric Cylinder Mower

I m selling my Qualcast Elan 32 electric mower because... a) I have a new mower b) if I m being honest, I m just too lazy to properly clean and maintain it It s in working order, but there s no packaging for it... hence the collection only nature of this auction. Cash on collection is OK. The following description comes from Amazon UK, where these mowers are sold for around £105 new... Qualcast Elan 32: powerful electric cylinder mower ideal for small and medium lawns The Qualcast Elan 32 electric cylinder lawnmower has a powerful 400W motor and ensures the finest cut with its ‘Quattro-cut’ four-blade cutting cylinder. The cylinder provides a clean scissor-like cut on your lawn, and with a full 32cm cutting width the Elan 32 is ideal for mowing small- to medium-sized lawns. The benefits of a cylinder cutting system Cylinder mowers use a horizontally mounted cylinder of blades that cut against a fixed bottom blade for a superior scissor-like cut. Electric cylinders like the Elan 32 are the most energy efficient of all cutting systems. Cylinder mowers give the best finish to your lawn because they cut the grass cleanly without ripping it, and a simple ‘on-cut’ adjustment exists to ensure a scissor-like cut can be maintained. Get stripes with the rear roller With the rear roller you can gain that professional look and get stripes all over your lawn. Additionally, and importantly, the rear roller offers stability over lawn edges and prevents scalping. Height of cut adjustment A single lever enables you to quickly and easily change the height of cut, for different lawn conditions. There are 7 different height of cut positions which range from 12-42mm. Large grass box for easy collection With a 31 litre rear-fitting grass collection box, you’ll spend less time emptying clippings--so more time can be spent gardening. The Qualcast Elan 32 is easy to store: the handles fold down for extremely compact storage. Lightweight at only 11kg, the Elan is easy to move about the garden. Posted with eBay for iPad

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