Qualcast Suffolk Punch 43dl Cylinder Lawn Mower, Petrol, Self Propelled

This is a Qualcast Suffolk Punch 43DL cylinder lawn mower which is in good working order and is a credit to the previous owner, it also comes with a handy moving bogey, it’s just been sharpened and could go straight to work, it’s an old girl but it would still make a great job of cutting your lawn and leaving those beautiful stripes that every keen gardener strives for, and the build quality of these old mowers puts some modern mowers to shame, which is why it’s still going strong today. Hopefully the pictures will answer any questions you may have regarding condition etc, but if you do need any more info you are welcome to contact us via eBay or you can call us (please ask for Jack, Dave, or Lynsey) on 01768 864557 during business hours (7:30am to 5:00pm), you might receive a faster response to questions or when making an offer if you call as we re not always near a computer.

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