Qualcast Xsz46d Self Propelled 4 Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower

Qualcast XSZ46D Self Propelled 4 Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower. Started very easily and drive worked fine. No holes in the grass box. I was cutting the grass and hit something when it started to make a rattling noise. Looking under the cutting deck I could see a crack in the housing that holds the blade in place. It came apart when I pried it with a screwdriver. You can see the broken bit in the latter photos. Apparently you can buy a boss, but I have never fitted one before. I have bought another mower now, so this is a bargain for somebody who knows what to do because I am told it is easy to do for the right person. The starting bid is what it says and the make an offer is not for less than the starting price. Just mentioning that because I will not be responding to offers for less. The engine is worth more on it s own.

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