Ride On Lawn Mower

This is a 30 inch cut rear discharge mower. The paintwork isn t great but the metal is sound and solid, not at all thin. I have to post this mower as for parts or not working as this is the technical truth BUT I think this mower is too good to break up. The engine is a very good Briggs and Stratton 112hp and runs well. I used this mower last season. To get it working it needs: 1. A new battery 2. A new drive chain (straight forward to fit) 3, Some attention to the rear discharge chute. If these were seen to it would be a fine working mower albeit not the prettiest but would cut grass well as it did last season. Ideally it needs a new ignition barrel as current one is worn. I am selling this mower now as was intending to get it running but time has not allowed me and I don t want it to sit in the barn and deteriorate. Cash on collection please.

Categories: Mountfield