Self Propelled Honda 21″ Cut Petrol Lawn Mower Spares Or Repair

SELF PROPELLED HONDA 21 CUT PETROL LAWN MOWER SPARES Or Repair. It’s had a hard life and when I bought it I repaired the deck with tie wraps and gaffa tape which did its job until I bought another mower. It’s been stood a year and I’ve just started it up with fresh petrol and it took 5-6 pulls to get the fuel thru.. Self propelled does not work, it did last time I used it, so whether something has seized or broken since last used I don’t know ? Also in this sale is a echo petrol strimmer, I broke the pull mechanism but it did start with a 14mm socket on a drill... also been stood a year and I’ve not touched it since.. maybe good for spares? Both for sale together unless I get offers for either...? Collection only from North Lincs

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