Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

This is my trusty self-propelled lawn mower. I can t ever remember it letting me down - even for the first cut of the year, it has always started first time, runs on unleaded petrol gives a 21 cut. It drives off the back wheels and each of the 4 wheels has a height adjustment. It also has THE simplest grass box ever - it just drops into machined slots and takes an enormous amount of grass before you need to empty it. My reluctant reason for selling is that I ve just moved and now have a small patch of grass, as opposed to a couple of tennis court sized piece of lawn. I ve had it around 4 years and its been lightly used - just the usual wear and tear and I ve always stored it in a dry shed over winter. It cost me in excess of 500 pounds then - and I see the new version retailing at around 450 pounds .............. so grab a bargain! Give the size and weight - I think it only makes sense for the auction winner to collect, otherwise P P would be prohibitive. Any other questions - just let me know .......... I ll start it off with no reserve and let the auction run its course - good luck and I hope it goes to a happy new home - its been very good to me! Stephen

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