Westwood 1012 Tractor Mower, Ride On Mower

Westwood 1012 Garden tractor with powered grass collector. Briggs and Stratton 13HP engine. Well looked after and only replacing as I ve been treated to a new machine. I inherited this mower last year and it s been in constant use since. I m told it was serviced annually. It s been stored in a locked shed all of its life and the general condition is testament to it. After its use this last season it does now require servicing before next season. It has always started first time though and everything works as it should. If I was keeping it I would be looking to replace the net cover on the grass box as this has torn in a few places, I d be refurbishing the cutting deck and as part of the service I d ensure that the bearings on all of the pulleys are regreased/checked as one has developed a rattle sometimes when the grass collector is engaged. My description is everything I know about the tractor, im not an expert though and would welcome any one who wishes to view before purchase.

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