Westwood/countax Ride On Mower T1600

Westwood/Countax Ride On Mower T1600. Condition is Used. This is a great machine. It has been exceedingly well looked after. Garaged in a heated garage and cleaned each use. The deck is clean with no signs of rust and the engine purrs with no sign of any smoke. To be honest it works and drives like new but isn t. I have 3 acres now and have had to buy a bigger John Deere to cover that size. This has the 40inch deck that cuts wet grass and most things with ease. The powered collector is a useful addition which is in good condition too. One net area had wear and was patched. The brushes at some point may want changing but everything is working beautifully and if I had garage space I would keep this. We are Aldsworth, Gloucestershire. Please come and try it. First person will buy I am 100% sure.

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