Westwood Ride On Mower Tractor In As Repears As Needs Starter And Carb Setup

i now have a new cog for it that will go with the mower WESTWOOD ride on mower tractor it is repear or spears as it needs a new cog on the starter and the carb wants ajusting i have sent for new cog for the starter but i will not be able to fit it has my hands dont work properly now This is a WESTWOOD mower it will run but it is a bit rough when running it had a DIRTY CARB it was taken off to clean and when trying to set up it cut out and when I went to start it again I found that the starter cog had stuck in drive and it has been damaged the drive cog( in pic) and and it will not start the engine it does have pull start but I amm too old and helpless to use it that way as it would not start easy until the carb is set up right it was in good order not much rust on it as it was always kept inside as can be seen from the pics it has no grass box as it was not needed as it has rear dicharge the cutter is in very good condition as can be seen by the pics the right hand front tyre goes down but takes a few weeks so maybe valve wants cleaning the seat has bean taped up across so maybe could do with a better repear I think the engine has bee changed as it is 12hp instead of 11hp it will need a new battery as I have had to put jump leads on it to start it but I think it was being used on pull start when I got but the falla put jump leads on it to show the electrics worked would be a very good mower for someone one who is willing to service it’ it is collection only I could deliver locally say up to 100mls but it would cost 50p a mile and the delivery would have to be paid for before it was delivered so it would be better collected i have put the price at 275 as that be nearly what i would get for the heavy duty mower bed on it as you can see still has the lables on it you can come and see it and inspect it before the auction ends if a price is agreed I will not take it off until you have been and paid for it that way you are not commited to buy until you have been to see it when price agreed there will be no bargaining down price any other info contact messages orted 01472508490 [email protected]

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