Wolf Garten A370e Electric Lawn Mower (37cm Cut)

FR Jones and Son Ltd Visit our shop » Shop categories Climbing equipment Consumables Forestry equipment Landscaping gardening Lowering rigging Machines PPE, safety workwear Other Wolf Garten A370E electric lawn mower (37cm cut) This 1600W Electric Lawn Mower has a plastic chassis and central 6-step cutting height adjustment from 25-75mm, helping you to achieve the exact lawn finish you desire. This lawn mower is lightweight and extremely manoeuvrable. It is operated by a bail arm switch and has a grass bag capacity of 40 litres. This model features the Wolf-Garten Cut-Collect-Mulch (CCM) system which saves time and effort as the collection bag doesn’t need to be emptied and the grass clippings provide the lawn with moisture and valuable nutrients. It also has an Advanced Cut Collect (ACC) system which generates a strong airflow to straighten grass stems before cutting, ensuring an even cut and efficient clipping collection. The A370E-KIT Includes A370E and BS1363/20 20m electric cable. Perfect cutting and optimal grass collection with the ACC system All new A SERIES electric lawnmowers have the new Advanced Cut and Collect System. The suction effect of the stream of air aligns the grass stalks (blue arrows), even with tall and damp grass, producing wonderfully even cutting results. At the same time it prevents any blockage of the discharge duct and ensures optimal filling of the catch basket. With this function, the catch basket does not need to emptied so often. The new generation with the unique CCM system CCM stands for Cut , Collect and Mulch . You can switch easily and quickly between the functions of mowing, collection of the grass cuttings in the grass collecting bag, and mulching. Just one mower that can be used in three different ways. We are a family-run business based in South-East London, specialising in horticultural and arboricultural equipment, supplies and service.

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