Wolf Garten Expert E37e Electric Lawn Mower (37cm Cut)

This award-winning model from WOLF-Garten has been rated the Best Buy electric lawn mower by Which? magazine for the past three-years-running for its outstanding performance and ease of use. Featuring WOLF’s integrated CCM cutting-system, the Expert 37E can be used as a standard collection machine for when cutting lush green grass, or as a mulching mower allowing you to recycle the grass-clippings and return them to the turf as precious nutrients. The system WOLF has developed allows you to switch between the two modes with a simple flick of a lever.The new smooth design on this latest model allows it to be used under bushes, along edges and around obstacles. It has a highly durable plastic chassis and quality components throughout.Stand-out features include a centrally controlled height-of-cut with five separate settings to enable you to achieve the perfect cut whatever the conditions. The handlebar can also be adjusted to suit the height of the operator and soft-grips make for more comfortable operation and help keep you firmly in control.A grassbag full indicator lets you know when it’s time to empty. This helps prevent the mower becoming clogged up – one of the main factors that will cause it to underperform - and ensures clumps of grass don’t get left on your lawn as a result of the bag becoming overfilled.Powered by a high performance 1500w motor and equipped with a 37cm metal cutting-blade, the WOLF Expert 37E Electric Lawn Mower is an ideal choice for the discerning gardener with a medium-sized lawn to maintain. Please note that the mower comes complete the Wolf Garten 20 metre mains cable. This is often not included and generally costs £21.99 plus postage. I prefer cash on collection, but I am willing to post to the UK. I will charge whatever the cost is.

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