Honda Izy Hrg 416 Pk 16” Push Petrol Mower – Spares Or Repair

I am selling a used 2009 model Honda Izy 416 16” push mower (I am not certain that was the model name back then – but that is the current equivalent – and it is definitely the 16” push version). Please note that the mower starts and runs fine (usually starts first pull) – BUT THE WELDS HAVE GONE THAT ATTACH THE HANDLE TO THE MOWER DECK AND SO THE HANDLE FLAPS AROUND. That is why I am selling it. Prefer to be paid by PayPal. BUYER MUST COLLECT WITHIN ONE WEEK OF THE AUCTION ENDING FROM CLOSE TO TEWKESBURY. Please don t ask me to end the auction early, as I won t.

Categories: Push Petrol