Mtd Lawnflite 12.5/38 Ride On Lawnmower – Runs And Drives – Restoration Project

For Sale is an MTD LawnFlite 12.5/38 Ride on Lawnmower. The tractor runs and drives. We have tested drive reverse and neutral modes, all engage as expected We have also made sure the main drive belt is tight and for the most part it doesn t slip. A friend and I bought this this mower as a restoration project however due to university commitments and work we have been unable to proceed in finishing off the project. We have done some basic work on the engine to get it running. This consisted primerally of a carburettor rebuild. When we first obtained the mower the carburettor had a lot of aluminium oxide in it from years of sitting around. We have cleaned the carb and replaced all of the gaskets with brand new genuine Briggs and Stratton parts and have even rebuilt the fuel pump attached to the side of the carb. The engine has oil and runs well.We have also replaced the starter motor gear as the old one was failing to engage properly. Again, this was a genuine Briggs and Stratton component. You may notice in the images that the headlights on the mower are not original. Sadly the original lamps were sealed beam units which are now very hard to obtain in the UK, the original wiring harness for these was also damaged, We took the decision to order some motorcycle headlights instead. These fit in the original mounting locations and will allow you to install 35/35W H4 bulbs. We have built most of the wiring harness to support these although some features like full beam and the side lights still need to be wired in should you want them. We have tidied up a lot of the original wiring harness. This involved removing a lot of the old heat shrink sleeving which had gone hard and brittle over time and wrapping the loom in a new sleeve to give it a cleaner appearance and to tidy it up a bit. Sadly the original ignition was missing its key (At first) this ended up being under the battery tray but we decided to change it out for a new ignition anyway just so the next owner gets two keys. In terms of the body, the paintwork is fairly in tact but rust has started to bleed through and cause blistering to the paint in places (and the chrome finish on the headlight surround and grill). The rust you can see is only surface rust and is providing no significant structural flaws in the body panels (the bonnet and wheel arches etc.) The dashboard and battery tray on the other hand would need some work, You can see in the images that the dashboard has rusted through in places, this is in the area where the battery sits and would need to be cut out and have a new plate welded in. It s not structural but certainly detracts from the appearance of the mower!The main chassis is in great shape, apart from the surface rust and flaking paint in places its very rigid and features no rust that would affect its structural integrity. You can even see a lot of the original stickers are still in place! When we purchased the mower the cutting deck was not installed. We have checked the service manual and can confirm all of the components for it are there so it will go back together easily. We have tied all of the parts together with wire for now as the previous owner was unable to provide the original fasteners, these consisted of metal pins and R clips. It would be possible to obt

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