Bargain Wolf Electric Lawnmower – Old But Works Well

A Wolf Brand Electric Lawnmower It looks a little dated and in fact we inherited it with the house that we bought last October. It s a sweet, little, easy to use mower, which up until this week, I have been using to cut the grass simply because I have been too lazy to drag our own mower out of the garage and up the steps to the garden! It comes with a lot of cable that can be un plugged from the mower at the handle. (In fact a lot more cable than the Qualcast mower we own.) It has the safety switch at the handle. It does have a small grass box though as you can see from the pics. Cant think what else to say about it other than it looks cared for, it cuts the grass without any problems. I have cut half the grass in the pics with this mower so you can check the cut quality!! (sometimes the blade stops with long wet grass but that s seems to be the case with our mower too)...probably the blade could do with being sharpened. It has an adjustable cutting length and it s a quiet little thing! Better for a small garden I think. It s also compact and fits easily into our outdoor cupbaord/shed under the stairs! Please ask any questions. We are honest genuine sellers, just clearing things out to make space and cash. I have been buying/ selling on Ebay since 2006 and until this year have had 100% positive feedback. It has been lowered now because we had a rather dodgy buyer who claimed not to have recieved some PC speakers, despite Royal Mail showing a signature in his name and me giving him the tracking number to claim a full refund. He still left negative feedback and unfortuntaley this is a story I have heard a few too many times on ebay with a few unscrupulous buyers. I suppose these things happen when times are hard - so please, if you are one such person, please think twice before spoiling the great ebay environment. I m happy for cash on collection as well as paypal. Cash is preferred to avoid paypal charges! I m listing a few things - so please look. Thank you.

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