Countax C300 Ride On Mower – 38” Deck – Lawnmower-similar To John Deere/westwood

| January 14, 2019 |
Countax C300H Ride On Mower with a 38” Deck and Rear Roller Collector. No hour clock on this machine I believe but it’s not been used too much. All works, just a little flaky paint on the sides of the deck. - UK-built garden-tractor - Quiet, fuel-efficient engine - Single-piece pressed-steel body and rugged cast axle for strength and durability - Parking brake must be engaged in order to start the engine - Automotive-style sliding seat ensures a comfortable drive - Electronic power take-off means you can work with numerous accessories. Please use 07411 926615 for questions or viewing. Cash on collection. Please ask about delivery on the above. Grass Collector has been specifically designed for the British garden. Connected to the tractor’s power take-off, a spindle of brushes sweep the grass cuttings from your lawn and into the hopper, even when the grass is wet. - Brushes rotate at over 2,000 strokes per minute to sweep cut grass and garden debris into the bag. - A heavy roller, mounted to the rear of the collector, produces the classic stripe effect on a formal lawn. - The collector articulates independently to the tractor ensuring constant contact with the ground. - The brushes’ height can be adjusted for the best possible collection. - Empty the grass collector by lifting and pulling the empty handle. The gaping action of the collector ensures all material is ejected from the hopper quickly and efficiently. - Use in the autumn to mow, mulch and collect fallen leaves in a fraction of the time taken with a lawn rake Additional info from Countax: If you’re maintaining a paddock, meadow or large formal lawn, but don’t want to compromise quality-of-cut for the convenience of a ride-on mower, this world-class, Oxfordshire-designed garden-tractor is worth serious consideration. The Garden Tractor is fitted with a cast front-axle that will cope with season-after-season of mowing and towing on rugged terrain. Its premium pressed-steel body ensures the effects of any accidental impact will prove negligible while its wide-ranging nine-step cutting-height adjustment (12 – 101mm) means you’ll be able to achieve excellent results, whatever grass-conditions you’re confronted with. It’s equipped with a handbrake-based safety system, whereby the handbrake must be engaged in order to fire-up the engine and it benefits from Westwood’s thorough noise-reduction measures for enhanced driver-comfort and less irritation to your neighbours.

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