Countax K14 Ride On Mower Spares Or Repair

For sale Countax K14 ride on lawn mower for spares or repair. Okay so the story goes like this. I have owned this mower for about 9 years and it has proven to be a very reliable quality mower which I have had serviced each winter. Up until last summer I hadn t had any major problems at all other than replacing the odd belt and blades outside of regular servicing. Then last summer the blades stopped working. I took the mower in to the local shop and discovered the electric clutch that engages the blades had ceased to work. Due to some small holes coming through the deck which were going to need some welding at some point I asked for a realistic assesment as to whether to have the electric clutch replaced as a new one was about £350 fitted. As the basic tractor runs strong and is in a reasonable condition I did get a brand new clutch and decided to run the mower with the intention of getting the deck welded up in the winter. However within three hours use I lost drive to the wheels and discovered that either the rear axle within the gearbox or the gearbox itself has broken. Unable to find used parts quickly I treated myself to a newer mower my Countax remains in my garage awaiting repair. The mower as I said has a strong engine, good steering and has no significant rust other than on the deck. The wheels and tyres are fine and it comes with a working powered sweeper which does have a broken perspex window. As stated the electric clutch has less than 3 hours use from brand new so other than the rear axle/gearbox there is nothing I am aware of to get this machine working again. It would benefit from some welding on the deck although it would still cut fine as it is if there was drive to the wheels. I am now moving house soon so am spurred on to get something done as I will no longer need a ride on of any description and don t want the hassle of taking it with me. Buyer to collect and cash required on collection. If there is anything else you wish to know please ask. Thanks for looking.

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