Countax X16 Ride On Mower

This mower was purchased from Sevenoaks mowers 4yrs ago and has only been used for my garden/land. It has been used approx once every 2 weeks from April to October each year. The mower has been used to cut grass for a narrow walkway (2 mowers width) around a field of about an acre (a big tractor cuts the rest of the field twice a year). It has also been used to cut a small area of grass around the compost area and twice a year to cut the grass around the trees in a small wooded area on the same land. It has sustained a few scratches and dents over the passed 4 yrs but works well and is a good starter. As stated previously, it needs some TLC and a good service as the front upper belt breaks prematurely because the cutting deck runs out of line after using for a while. I think a few nuts and bolts have either come loose or are missing from underneath. It is powered by a Honda engine which has never had any problems. The tyres are all good with plenty of tread. If the fuel tank is filled up to full there seems to be a petrol leak from where the tank bolts to the frame. I think a new rubber washer is required.

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