Faulty Electrolux Flymo Turbo Compact 380 & Glide Master 380 Lawn Mower

ascheap-aschipsAB1 About Us We are a no frills, no nonsense company, and were selling in bulk long before Ebay was around, before PC s existed in fact! and will not be disappearing overnight. A look at my site will show you that around a third of my feedback is from regular buyers, which when compared to other bulk sellers speaks for itself. Only a small amount of our goods are sold via ebay, and if you are looking for somebody to run through minor details then we are not for you, the reason our stuff is sold off so cheaply is because we do not get tied down with retail type customer care. If you are a private individual you are welcome to bid, but please remember we are a trade organization, and if we sell you an item as untested it is precisely that. Reading my feedback will show you that the vast majority of buyers are happy with our untested items, but if it does not work out for you, either due to your lack of skill in servicing it or because of a major fault with the item, it is no good whinging about it afterward, thats the chance you have to take when buying at such low prices, take it on the chin and move on, if this statement has put you off a little then we are probably not for you, and it has done it s job, but if you have read it and understand where we are coming from and how we work, we will probably do a lot of business with you, and i hope you make a lot of money from finding us, either way thank you for taking the time to read it. Sincerely, Rob Green We are very short on space. Payment to be made within 3 days from the end of the auction, after this period the lot(s) will incur a storage charge of 2 per day per lot for upto 10 days from end of sale, after this time the lot will be re-sold and you will recieve an eBay strike. You are bidding on the item(s) shown (Excluding the background TV, if pictured), boxes/manuals/cables/accessories etc are with the item(s) only if shown in the pictures, if you cannot see it then its not included. Condition is as shown for item(s) pictured We run a large clearing business for electrical goods, these goods are being auctioned on a sold as seen basis. The working condition of this item (s) has not been determined. No other information available, please use the model number (if supplied) for a web search, may or may not have a fault other than description that will need attention before reselling on ebay or markets etc. You can see from our huge number of repeat buyers that we are genuine sellers, but given the amount of stock we buy and sell we have found it uneconomical to check them, our policy is simply to sell it cheap, if your looking for customer service then please go to the high street, we are not for you. All our items are sold as faulty for spares/repair.....WARNING! do not attempt to service or repair items unless you are qualified to do so. V.A.T. is paid for you, all you need to pay is your winning bid price, unless you are late collecting in which case please see above. Payment PAYMENTS: be aware if your PAYPAL account is low or your credit card has expired your payment may be sent direct from your bank account via E-cheque, E-cheque payments take around 7-10 days to complete and will delay the transaction. we cannot proceed with the transaction until the payment has cle

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