Honda Dynamow Ride On Mower

Classic Honda Dynamow mower. Not many of these around now. Not in perfect condition but does still get used now and again, it was last used in July. Does have electric start with working batteries under the seat but I lost the key and had to take that bit off but still works with the pull start. Turns on the spot with a front and rear roller leaving stripes. It s not for a meadow and prefers flat, dry terrain. Comes with grass box and is very quick. Drive is operated through the right foot pedal and the left pedal engages the blade. This machine is quite fast but you must slow right down to turn sharply or it will throw you off, but once you get the hang of it, it s like a go kart. I have owned this for a while I will be sad to see it go. Cash or Paypal preferred and buyer to collect. Thanks for looking.

Categories: Honda