Honda Izy Hrg536sd Self Propelled 21″ Petrol Lawnmower

Honda IZY HRG536SD Self Propelled 21 Petrol Lawnmower Here we have our Izy very trusted and reliable mower that we have had for just over a year now. Selling as we are upgrading and need the funds to get a ride on mower. Just over 14 months old and in very good condition, starts as it says easy! Oil and Petrol included around half a tank of petrol at the moment. Below are the details of the mower for you, these are very very popular sort after mowers and will never let you down. Usually starts on first pull but on cold days or when not been used for a time takes around 2! Item does fold up if you want to transport a heavy mower but is self propelled and has lots of height adjustments on all four wheels so good for fine lawns or very rough areas to clear. Cuts very well does not need a new blade yet but I think I have one of those also a new blade in the shed so will have a look but not sure on that at present will check. If I find the new spare blade I will include that in the price for you. Collection only however I am able to deliver at a cost of 50 pence per mile (Whole Journey). Sure to go this item it cost almost £700 when we bought her new! So a big saving here on buying a brand new one! (RRP £720) 100% GENUINE Honda LawnmowerTaking your Lawnmowing experience to new heights. With the all new auto choke, a cutter housing and blade designed for low running noise and stylish new looks, the new Honda IZY takes your lawn mowing to new heights.Honda HRG536SD, or Honda Izy (Easy) as it is known. Honda Izy is expressly designed to get the mowing job done as quickly as possible. Not only that, you ll find the Honda Izy makes mowing more of a pleasure and less of a chore it is easier to start, handle and operate than many other lawnmowers.The Honda Izy 536 SD Mower is perfect for medium sized or larger lawns, the 21 Honda Izy HRG 536 SD combines self-propelled convenience.Easy to Start :With the Honda IZY, intuitive operation means there is nothing to learn. Petrol and oil levels are easy to verify. The pull start is specially designed to be virtually effortless. Flexible, doulbe-lined cables make adjustmentseasier and more precise.Easy start: automatic decompressor makes starting virtually effortless. Easy Auto choke ensures the perfect engine start setting whatever the weather. Easy-to-hold handle with pull start within reach.Easy to handle :With a wider cutter housing, six easy-to-set cutter height adjustments and extra wide, no-slip tyres, the izy goes anywhere, fater and more easily.. Innovative Honda engine delivers more smooth power to the blades with less vibration than similar engines. Easy to cut around obsticles and lawn edges as the cutter deck is wider than the wheels. Easy grass collection with better air flow through the rounded cutter deck. Easy to manoeuvre push model thanks to double ball-bearing in wheels. Easy cutting high torque engine means no clogging of grass no matter how thick it is.Easy to Operate :You don t have to be an expert to operate a Honda Izy. The main controls are easy to use and easy to grip.The ergonomic handle ans push-only safety bar are less tiring to hold and simple to operate. The inyuitive slot-in/lift-out grass bag is perfectly balanced for easy handling and the built in rear sheild drops down

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