Husqvarna Lt 125 6 Speed Ride On – Spares Or Repair

Husqvarna LT 125 Ride On Tractor / Mower Right this has been stuffed in my shed for ages and needs to go. Pictures say it all really. It starts, runs and drives. However the chassis has two splits in it hence the belt can come off if you go over a bump. This is why it is listed as spares or repair. Could easily be welded up and used as a racer or bit of fun for the kids. It comes with a pretty manky mowing deck but it works. Wheel weights are there and all good. The tyres are in good condition and hold air. Battery could probably do with a charge but it did start today okay! If my expert sales patter has caught your eye then why not chuck a bid on this little gem!!! Viewing welcome give me a message to arrange or ring me on 078SIX6 5TWO1348. I would prefer cash to save lining paypals pockets but happy to take paypal if its your preference! Good luck sports fans! Happy Bidding Rich

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