Mountfield Ride On Tractor Mower With Grass Box In Brilliant Condition

The Mountfield T30M is the first tractor mower in the below-36 category to feature a twin-blade cutting system, enabling a closer cut, following the ground s contours and therefore less scalping of the grass. The counter-rotating blades direct the grass cuttings through the wide rear discharge chute into the 240Ltr rear-mounted collector, which features an alarm for alerting the operator when the collector becomes full. The T30M is highly manoeuvrabe, with very light steering and extremely tight turning, and also features a safety switch which cuts the engine if the driver gets out of the seat with the blades running. Suitable for lawns up to and over 4000sqm. Features includeMountfield OHV 432cc 4-Stroke Engine7 Cutting Heights (25-80mm)240Ltr Grass CollectorSteel Deck Bladetwin Washing PortsManual Transmission with 5 Forward Gears Reverse2 Year Manufacturer s Guarantee This is my story and my reason for selling,,, I Got this mower Brand new and it was very expensive, when I was looking to buy a mower I was told that I had fourteen days to see if it was suitable as there were none on display in the stores, however when I got this (after waiting weeks for delivery) it was raining so I put the mower into the brand new shed (that I had also purchased to put it in) and waited until it stopped raining to try it as I did not want to get it wet, a week and a half later it finally stopped raining and I tried the mower out but I was unable to use it easily due to my disability, so I phoned them and they REFUSED to let me send it back because I had had the mower more than 7 days and there was nothing wrong with it, even though they had told me I had fourteen days in the shop origionally,you can buy the mower from b q on lawnmowers/Mountfield-Ride-On-Lawn-Tractor-T30M-12348564 but you will have to wait until christmas for delivery! they told me 7-14 days but it took weeks of calls etc before it finally came, and the mower comes from a supplier that b q use and they just blame eachother for making you wait,You can buy the mower from me today and you will get the same mower which has hardly been used at least £300 less, with oil already in the engine and even a little bit of petrol in the tank, (the mower comes from the supplier without oil so you have to sort that out yourself) and no long wait for delivery it has a powerful 432cc 10.2hp engine and 5 speed gearbox, twin blades which engage with a button, it s a 2012 model and being mountfield you know it s a good mower, I have only used this a few times, but due to disability I don t get on with as it has a very large grass box but I can not empty it myself, and also the driving position is not right for me, so I m sadly having to sell it and go back to my old push along mower or find a different ride on, It comes with 2 year warrenty card and paperwork books and charger, it cuts beautifully and even has working lights, I can possibly deliver locally within ten or so miles of chichester once deposit takenPlease ask about delivery before bidding,advertised elsewhere so may sell through other ads Happy biddingplease email me if you d like more [email protected]

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