Nimos Honda Utility Vehicle Tipper Dumper – Atv Quad – Stables / Forestry – Mule

I am open to sensible offers, try me! NO VAT TO BE PAID/ADDED Up forsale is a honda powered Nimos Mirco utility vehicle/tipper. We sold one of our utility vehicles last week, and this is the other one to be sold. Only selling so we can fund fitting a hydraulic tipper to our hilux pickup truck - no need for more than one vehicle. This is an amazing little bit of kit, built in Holland by Nimos, these originally cost 22,000 pounds (plus extra for the generator attachment) and were sold to alot of government departments. They have a 620cc Honda v-twin engine under the seats that links to a hydraulic drive setup. Low and high range drive (pretty quick in high range and excellent for towing/bad ground in low range). Diff lock pedal .It has a single pedal that controls reverse and forward, (no gears to shift, its all controlled on 1 pedal). 3 way tipping bed, very strong large bed with drop down sides, can tip backards or to either side (takes less than 1 min to change which way it tips). At the front it is fitted with a 270cc 3.8 KVA honda generator, this slots into the chassis of the vehicle and can be fitted/removed in less than 1 minute. Very powerful/reliable generator, allows you to run all sorts of 110v or 230v tools off the vehicle, we ve used it to run an electric log splitter and hand tools when doing fencing work. The vehicle is also fitted with hydraulic take offs on the front, I dont know alot about these, but I have been told you could run all sorts of hydraulic equiptment off these, jet wash, log splitter, lifts etc - Never used them, but the previous owner did show me them working with a jet wash and a hydraulic saw. So you could run a whole load of different tools off the vehicle/generator, it even has a hose pipe connection so you can run a jetwash off the front and put a water container in the tipping bed. It can happily carry two people and a load. The chassis pivots in the centre so that you can go over bumps more easily (very rare feature on this sort of vehicle). The wheel sizes are standard atv sizes so you could fit full chevron/knobbly tyres if you planned to use it offroad alot. Very powerful/well engineered. The steering is very good, super easy to turn (effectivly has power steering useing a hydraulic ram) and very tight turning circle. We had a john deere gator / kawasaki mule type vehicle and this is a much more advanced bit of kit. The 3 way tipper alone is worth the buyitnow price, ideal for tipping in tight areas/stables etc. Condition/Bad points: Its been well used, previous owner has given it a coat of paint but there is still a bit of surface rust on the engine/wheels/chassis etc. There are the expected scratches/bumps/small dents/grease/grime/scruffiness etc. No hour meter, but believed to be fairly low hours - cannot verify. The high/low range lever is under the bed and quite tricky to get to, but you very rarely need to change between high/low and could probably fit a cable/longer lever quite simply. Engine starts first go and runs ok, but I did check the oil yesterday and if I were keeping it I would do an oil/air filter change (parts are 40 quid from a honda dealer) - Basic service would be a good idea - as you d expect with used machinery. One of the rear tyres has been replaced, but with a different tyre

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