Qualcast Suffolk Punch 35s Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

Qualcast Suffolk Punch 35s You are bidding on a Qualcast Suffolk Punch 35s cylinder petrol self propelled lawnmower.Lawnmower is in full working order with no known faults.Lawnmower is equipped with a fairly large front grass collector. You can adjust the height of the cut and also has a cylinder on the back for those extra lovely lines.im not sure what power it is but at full blast i almost have to break into a run to keep up with it!speed and tick over can be easily adjusted, at full blast its quite noisy but you wouldnt really have it on that setting anyway. (I believe they are all like that due to the power output)The only modification i know of is the screws that have been added on at the side, this was done to increase the ease of removing the collector at the fron (pic included)collection only, I live in the Epsom area in Surrey and can help the winning bidder lift it into their car if required.

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