Ransomes Commander 3510 Diesel Ride On 5 Gang 11′ Cut Cylinder Mower Sports Etc

We specialis in Ransome cylinder mowers, like this. We carry used parts, some new parts, and know how. This is one of our cheaper end machine, yet a top of the range performer. It mows over 11 wide (3.4 metres). Price includes VAT @ 20%. £3480.00 . Which is £2900 plus vat. The good bits: We used it recently to test it, and mow a the local school playing field. We drove it to the school, up and down some steep hills, mowed the grass and came home. The engine started and ran perfeclty. No noises, no unusal smoke, and started and ran right immediately. It is Kubota 4 cylinder diesel engine, 52 HP. Cooling sytem was good, no overheating, no problems at all. The hours on the clock are around 2000 hours worked. Although I am unable to guarantee these hours, the machine does not feel to have done a high amount of hours. The transmission, was powerfull and smooth. Pulled up hills fine, and stayed good, even when warm, wheel motors all performed ok too. It is 4 wheel drive. Comfortable to ride on, and not too noisy, no bad rattels or loud noises. Mowed well, all cylinders worked correctly. They are the magna 250mm dia. cutters with lots of wear left on them. All the above are important points, and help lower the risk of buying a second hand machine. It does need some jobs doing to make it ready for serious work loads. : Some of the rear rollers need replacing, but will be provided. You will need to fit them and set mower up. We will suplly some spare rear roller adjusters. It will need a good grease round, and possibly a service at some point. One or two of the lift arms have been strained and repaired at some time, but are serviceable. There is no serious expense or work needed, it can be put to work after the basic bits are done. we have priced it this way to keep it within reach for most users, sports clubs, etc. We will help with any advice. No warranty at this price, but it is guaranteed to be as we say, working when it goes. Warranty available at extra cost, - Warranted by us. The price for these machines new is around £45 000 plus vat. The 3510 is the improved machine, with transmission being the later and better type, and bolted directly to and in line with the engine. The transmission system is a big improvement form the previous, 3500 model. This machine is year 2000 or 2001. W reg. It can be seen working before you purchase, if you require. delivery can be arranged at extra cost. Probably £100 - £300 but depends on distance. Please ring 07970 267438 to ask any questions. Thanks.

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